Screw Chiller

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Rotary Screw compressor is a type of gas compressors that uses a rotary type positive-displacement mechanism. They are commonly used to replace piston compressors where large volumes of high pressure gas are needed, either for large industrial applications.


The gas compression process of a rotary screw is a continuous sweeping motion, so there is a very little pulsation or surging of flow as occurs with piston compressors.


Following are some advantages of Damavand Pars chillers equipped with screw compressors:


 1- High COP

 2- Low number of moving parts

 3- Long life

 4- Low noise and vibration

 5- Resistance against liquid return

 6- Compressors change over system

 7- ‍Compressor cycling limiting system

 8- Widely capacity control

 9- Available in High capacities

10- Gradual loading, no stroke, low start current

11- Equipped with electronic expansion valves

12- Equipped with BITZER screw compressors

13- Full automatic and intelligent control system equipped with PLC.

14- From 50 to 560 USRT.


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