Centrifugal chiller

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Centrifugal chillers are  normally used for high cooling  loads, these chillers use centrifugal compressors which because of very few moving parts has higher efficiency comparing all other compressors, these chiller use one or two compressors and flooded type evaporators and normally are water cooled.




1- With Cop between 6.4 to 7.9 they have highest efficiency between compressor type chillers.


2-  Using high efficiency centrifugal compressors with lowest energy consumption.


3- Easy repair and maintenance.


4- High quality compressor results more that 7 years for over hall period.


5- Suitable to use in  Ice storage and industrial projects using two stage compressors.


6- Cooling water temperature could be accepted to 12 C.


7- Control system using latest technology and BMS compatible.


8- Highly reliable  oil return system.



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