History and activities



Damavand Pars Air Cond. Co. established in The late seventies to produce a wide range of HVAC equipments for domestic and industrial applications.Using it's expertise that followed by many years of services and innovations, using the latest and newest world technology and standards in air conditioning equipment systems and close cooperation with the most important industrial universities and famous foreign companies, by using computerized systems (CAD/CAM/CAE) grow up rapidly. Now Damavand Pars Air Cond. Co.  is a well known company in the field of air conditioning equipment systems in Iran.Valued clients who help Damavand Pars Air Cond. Co. to gain access to this degree during these years, had seen new products being ready for the people's comfort year by year. This method had more acceleration at recent years.

In 1999 the company has developed and manufactured the first low temperature low concentration hot water absorption chiller in Iran Cooperating with Sharif University of technology. It could attract the attention of clients and experts about itself. Then other kinds of latest products came to Damavand Pars Air Cond. Co.'s production line. they are in brief as follows:

Single effect steam fired absorption chillers, double effect steam fired absorption chillers, reciprocating chillers with recent kind of screw compressors, reciprocating chillers with new kind of scroll compressors, latest kind of solar collectors, new generation of Fan coils with cross flow fans and less noises, fiber glass cooling towers, wall mounted and split type unit air conditioners, and etc..All information about these products can be found in Damavand Pars Air Cond. Co.'s web site.

Now company's designers and engineering teams is going to produce better kind of products and making them available with lower cost and highest quality day by day.

Therefore we can see Damavand Pars Air Cond. Co. in the first place of air conditioning equipments producing in Iran like before.